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Quantitative Finance

Today, the Banking & Finance industry demands extensive application of Quantitative modelling techniques based on a blend of Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Finance, Risk Management and Business intuition.

As the "rocket scientists of Wall Street," quantitative analyst are primarily responsible for the creation of financial products using complex statistical calculations.

Who areQuant Analysts?

As a quantitative analyst, you collect data from a client company and analyse the information in order to best advice decision-makers about their financial matters, including risk management and investments. With advanced mathematics, you create and use complex formulas to gather information about various financial situations. You could be employed by a bank, hedge fund, insurance company or any other business that requires your expertise.

The primary responsibility of a financial engineer/ Quant Analyst is to have thorough knowledge of financial markets, its volatility and knowledge of financial theories. This knowledge is used by engineers to develop simulations and predict market behaviour.

Role of a Quant Analyst

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